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Crisis Centre



Deputy CEO/Director of HR

"My leadership philosophy is: Lead, Learn, Laugh! Being part of the Master’s Certificate for Public Sector Management program at MDC was a great fit for this stage in my career. 
I was able to network with public sector professionals from other organizations throughout Durham Region by connecting once a week in class. Focusing on a new and relevant topic each class helped me to think about my role and how I can apply what I learn within my own workplace. 

I enjoyed hearing the perspectives of the various experts and the guest speakers were really good. The classes were spaced out in a way that was convenient for work life balance and a parent. Also, it was great not having to deal with the stress of homework!"


Project Manager/Energy Management Coordinator

“As a young professional in public sector, the Master’s Certificate for Public Sector Management program at MDC was an exceptional learning opportunity for me. 
The program provided great insights into management, and leadership techniques, which helped me to reflect on my role and see areas of improvement. 

Each course was taught by various experts, which helped me to see different perspectives on public sector management and learn something new each week. The course is also a great place to network with various Durham Region leaders from various organizations”


Manager, Cognitive Computing & Innovation Services

“I enrolled in the UOIT Professional Management Certificate Program to enhance my leadership and management skills. UOIT offered the opportunity to take the program in an academic setting that was close to home in Durham Region and offered a flexible schedule of taking the courses once every other week. 

I enjoyed the program so much I enrolled in the Professional Communications Certificate Program. Both programs offered great Instructors, taught me a lot about leadership, management and communication and provided me with practical strategies on how I could apply these learnings at work and in my personal life.”


Senior Information Services Technician - Youth Services

“I work at a Public Library and we praise ourselves on being a “learning organization.” Learning organizations continually learn how to learn together (Senge, 2006). For me personally, I wanted to learn more about leadership and management as I am planning out my future career path. My HR director at the library was very supportive and told me about the MDC program at UOIT. I chose to pursue two courses from the Professional Management Certificate program - Fundamentals of Leadership and Change Management. I highly recommend these courses for any professional interested in pursuing a leadership path and new to the field. I truly enjoyed the small class sizes, collaborating with my classmates and interactive class discussions. You definitely come out of these classes full of information and knowledge that you can apply right away. I look forward to taking more Professional Management courses in the near future!” 


GIS Specialist

“MDC’s Professional Management Certificate Program was the perfect opportunity for me to learn and refine the soft-skills that I was looking to add to my repertoire. Each course provided a new lens for me to view my role and key takeaways as to how I could further develop as a leader within my organization. Each instructor brought unique knowledge and experience that was conveyed in a engaging manner, and easily resonated with the class. The program was a great experience on my professional development journey and I look forward to learning with the MDC in the future."


Academic Advisor

"MDC’s Professional Communication Certificate program really helped me to refine my professional language at work, and helped me to come up with some unique strategies for making unfortunate news not sound so upsetting, etc., which is a huge struggle in my position.

MDC’s Digital Marketing and Social Media Management Certificate program helped me to develop a comprehensive social media plan and policy for our department and the results from our campaigning have been outstanding!"


Contract Service Coordinator

“The Coaching for Performance and Mentorship Certificate program at MDC was an excellent learning opportunity for me. I took so many great lessons away from this program. It really opened my eyes to techniques and nuances involved in developing employees, and strengthening my own ability to coach. I was really interested to learn about the fundamental differences between coaching and mentoring. There was a strong focus on addressing participants’ real-life challenges. We had ample opportunities to apply the techniques we were studying to real world situations, something that I found really made the lessons stick. Our facilitator was phenomenal - extremely competent and knowledgeable about the subject matter. 

The course was a hybrid mix of in-class and online learning and I was blown away by how convenient and easy it was to engage with the content; it really did offer the best of both worlds. It fit in very nicely with a full-time workload and didn’t sacrifice anything in terms of quality.

I have started to integrate the lessons I learned at MDC into my professional life with promising results – I have found it has helped me build stronger interpersonal relationships with my colleagues and my clients, and it has helped me find better and new ways to motivate others and myself. - My experience with MDC was very rewarding; I can’t wait to take another course.” 


Department Assistant

"I chose to participate in the Coaching for Performance and Mentorship hybrid program with MDC. I learned the difference between coaching and mentorship, and the appropriate pathways to enhance staff performance. This program taught me so much about myself in the workplace, as well as the importance of positive relationships in the workplace." 


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