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Project Management


These two one-day courses are designed for those who are, or who have been, involved in a project and who require the key techniques and process to run a successful project. The Management Development Centre's, “Project Management: Fundamentals” introduces the key skills as designed by the “Body of Knowledge” (PMBOK) by the Project Management Institute and the “Running a Successful” workshop will enhance those topics and will build awareness of the applications and leadership plans specifically applicable to  your project team.



  • Fall 2018: Project Management: Fundamentals

    Project Management: Fundamentals                           Tuesday November 20, 2018

    • Develop a workable, editable plan
    • Integrate and understand the five phases of project management
    • Utilize PMI, PERT, Critical Path, Gantt charts
    • Understand where projects can fail
    • Learn risk and scope
    • Plan for emergencies and contingencies
    • Demonstrate leadership and encourage productive participation
    • Understand budget and resource allocation
    • Learn how to estimate time and cost
    • Maintain control of your project plan through the use of project management tools as well as the newest social media applications.

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  • FAll 2018: Project Management: Running a Successful Project

    Project Management: Running a Successful Project             Tuesday, December 11, 2018   

    • Advanced project planning and control: best practices and case studies
    • Project Management applications: Microsoft Project and online collaborative environments.
    • Earned Value Analysis and Cost Benefit Analysis: assessing the progress and value of a project
    • Costing, Budgeting and Cost Reduction
    • Communication and Collaboration techniques
    • Estimation techniques
    • Risk Management
    • Resource Allocation and Leveling
    • Leadership techniques
    • Qualifying Progress internally: how to rate the “doneness of tasks”
    • Dealing with Scope Creep
    • Crisis Management
    • Rescuing projects
    • Reporting, Diarizing and other essential “paperwork”


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Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Fee: $450 (+HST) per course
Location: UOIT North campus location 

Parking and Meal Voucher/ Day - Included in Registration Fee

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