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Professional Management Certificate Program


The Professional Management Certificate Program consists of five (5) courses designed to enhance the managerial effectiveness and leadership abilities of today's business professionals. These courses provide a solid foundation of business skills and practices for supervisors, managers, and technical professionals who require functional management and leadership training.
Participants may choose to complete all five courses listed here to receive a formal certificate, or may choose any individual class to best suit your training needs.


  • Spring 2018

    Spring Schedule:

    Fundamentals of Leadership                             Thursday April 12, 2018
    Strategic Management                                       Thursday April 26, 2018
    Management Excellence                                    Thursday May 10, 2018
    Change Management                                         Thursday May 24, 2018
    Performance Management                                 Thursday June 7, 2018

  • Fall 2018

    Fall Schedule:

    Fundamentals of Leadership                             Thursday September 27, 2018
    Strategic Management                                       Thursday October 11, 2018
    Management Excellence                                    Thursday October 25, 2018
    Performance Management                                Thursday November 8, 2018
    Change Management                                         Thursday November 22, 2018

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  • Understand the progress of leadership and management and what it means today
  • Design your own personalized leadership plan
  • Discover the key competencies of “transformational leadership"
  • Encourage productive leadership and adapt to leadership styles
  • Differentiate between strategic management and planning
  • Develop business cases and manage profiles
  • Learn how to apply strategic management models
  • Engage your team in strategic planning
  • Establishing a culture of service excellence.
  • Establishing process mapping for continuous improvement.
  • Customer Commitment: Where does the business come from?
  • The cost of commitment to service excellence.
  • Understand the necessary leadership skills to encourage effective change
  • Develop a proactive plan and vision for change management.
  • Recognize natural human reactions to change and create a change agent.
  • Understand managerial roles and deal with resistance to change.
  • Develop and communicate effective performance expectations.
  • Reduce potential conflict through mutual respect.
  • Understand the difference between coaching, counselling and mentoring.
  • Understand the key elements of inclusiveness and develop techniques to reduce potential problems.

For a complete description of the Professional Management Program, please download the PDF BROCHURE

Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (every other Thursday)
Fee: $450 (+HST) per course or $1,950 (+HST) for the 5-day certificate program
Location: UOIT North Campus 

Parking and Meal Voucher/ Day - Included in Registration Fee

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