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Our Instructors

Our experienced and highly qualified instructors provide academic, business, technology, and research experiences and will deliver the most up to date management development programs.

We may also invite distinguished academic or business leaders to deliver courses that are specifically related to their areas of expertise.

diana kawarsky

seth silver Peter Constantinou Photo cy charney photo

Diana Kawarsky

Dr. Seth Silver

Peter Constantinou

Cy Charney

rob elkington Andrea Kennedy Photo patrice dutil nancymulroney

Rob Elkington

Andrea Kennedy

Patrice Dutil

Nancy Mulroney

garth johns

Anna Naud Photo Steve Prentice Photo steve rose photo

Garth Johns 

Anna Naud

Steve Prentice 

Steve Rose

Rob Ford Photo

Taimour Zaman Photo Leslie Hughes Photo karen ormerod profile

Robert Ford

Taimour Zaman

Leslie Hughes

Karen Ormerod

Bob Baker Photo

laura wilson photo John Matheson Photo Janet Horner photo

Bob Baker

Laura Wilson 

John Matheson

Janet Horner 

jane bowen photo

suzanne m photo carolyn mcgregor jennifer percival photo

Jane Bowen

Suzanne Mladenovich

Carolyn McGregor

Jennifer Percival

joe krasman photo

chystine langille photo william humber photo

Joesph Krasman

Chrystine Langille

William Humber

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