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What our clients are saying!

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  • General

    “I have attended numerous MDC conferences and events over the last few years. I continue to find the quality of the programming offered to be exceptional and I always leave with additional knowledge and motivation that I immediately use in my workplace on my return to work.”  
    C. Ryan Edgar, Director of Fire & Emergency Services/Fire Chief – Port Hope Fire & Emergency Services Department

    “The Region of Durham, Talent & Organization Development, and UOIT have forged a solid, trustworthy relationship that makes doing business effortless.  Betty and Christa are innovative; outside-the-box thinkers that continuously strive to ensure our Leadership Development programs meet and exceed the expectations of our talent base and program champions. They provide great attention to detail, the right attitude, and a genuine focus on helping us develop and sustain exceptional organizational leaders.”
    Dawne Chad, Administrator, Talent & Organization Development - Region of Durham

  • Master's Certificate in Public Sector Management

    "Instructor was very articulate, knowledgeable and informative and was very personal and approachable."
    David Sappleton, Leadership in the Public Sector  2016/2017

    "Overall, a very interesting and highly relevant session; great effort was put into relating the concepts to all of the PS groups represented."
    Paul Hallett, Leadership in the Public Sector  2015/2016

    "I was very engaged in the content & facilitation style. I have had much education and facilitate so very hard to get me into a classroom and I found this course very enjoyable."
    Dawne Chad, Leadership in the Public Sector  2015/2016

    "A very enjoyable and educational day – some excellent techniques and concepts that will be very applicable back at work!"
    Paul Hallett, Conflict Management  2015/2016

    "Prior to taking this course my finance knowledge was limited to the department that I work in. Today’s course brought a broader perspective on the overall strategic and financial planning as a whole."
    Anonymous, Finance and Accounting  2015/2016

    "Absolutely fantastic course - so very relevant to adult learning. This was a great way to gauge myself as a leader and challenge myself with learning more. I cannot say enough about the excellent speakers. Experts in their respective fields and all had a great delivery! I will highly recommend this program."
    Anonymous,  General Program  2014/2015

  • Professional Management Certificate

    "The instructor was very informative and provided great real life examples to aide learning."
    Anonymous, Strategic Management  - Fall 2016

    "Cy was amazing and engaging, he took a topic not widely talked about and made it fun!"
    Brad Waller, Performance Management – Fall 2015

    "This was a fantastic session and Cy is a really engaging facilitator with a strong background in his subject matter. This class is very practical and I feel as though I have walked away with some great resources that I can apply in my work."
    Sarah Alrabie, Performance Management - Fall 2015

    "Diana made the time fly in what seemed like we were being entertained, and then we realized how much we really did learn! The delivery of conceptual ideas and tying it all together was fantastic!"
    Melissa Sopko, Change Management – Fall 2015

    "Diana presents content that is practical and relevant, at simply the highest level. Today, each separate component had a clear nexus. Fun, enjoyable, useful learning! Thanks!"
    Lorelle Luciuk,  Change Management – Fall 2015

    "Phenomenal course! Incredibly relevant to my work. Fantastic teacher. Wish the course was longer!"
    Michelle Richards,  Change Management - Fall 2015

    "Diana is a fabulous speaker! She kept the class engaged and entertained. I would definitely take another course presented by Diana. Thoroughly enjoyed the day!"
    Gennifer Doucette, Change Management – Fall 2015

    "Absolutely a course that all should take! Diana is fabulous in how she presents and entertains! She is a complete wealth of knowledge and makes you want more!"
    Jennifer Rusaw, Change Management - Fall 2015

  • Not-for-Profit Management

    "This was a well-organized and informative course. I am leaving with a greater feeling that I am moving in the right direction with my career and look forward to learning more in the following classes."
    Vanessa Sulaman, NFP Strategy & Leadership – Fall 2015

    "I feel very fortunate to have been in your class. Thank you."
    Simon Langer, NFP Strategy & Leadership – Fall 2015

    "Karen is one of the best-rounded speakers on the topics covered that I have ever heard. She had a real life example for everything discussed to make the information stick. I thoroughly enjoyed my day & look forward to applying her insights in my own career."
    Anonymous, NFP Strategy & Leadership – Fall 2015

  • Professional Communication Management

    "Great information on innovation! Lots of great information & tips. Very knowledgeable instructor – would strongly recommend this to others!"
    Kereen Bennett-Martin, Workplace Innovation - Fall 2016

    "I found this presentation highly applicable to the modern workplace. Thanks for leading in forward/current thinking based in the latest technology."
    Eleanor Cook, PC, Workplace Innovation – Fall 2015

    "A great opportunity to explore conflict as natural constructive and opportunity in our lives! Thank you!"
    Anonymous, Conflict Management and Negotiation – Fall 2015

  • Digital & Social Media Marketing

    The Digital Marketing & Social Media Management program has been an incredible experience for me and I am thrilled to bring back what I have learned to my workplace to put into action. 
    Chelsea Wolf, Digital Marketing and Social Media Management Program - Fall 2016

    There was so much communicated in this class that I am excited to take back to my group and share in the future – and put into practice! Great balance of Leslie speaking  + sharing videos and getting us to share out own experiences, ask questions and learn from each other.
    Patricia Pickett, Digital Marketing and Social Media Management Program - Fall 2016

    "MDC has provided this fantastic resource for engaging social media as a “call-to-action” for any organization, business or person. Leslie and Andrea made it clear that we must have a plan for social media and to be committed to it as much as any other part of your role. It is clear that social media cannot be treated as an after thought!"
    Chelsea Wolf, Digital Marketing and Social Media Management Program  - Fall 2016

    "Great guidance in regards to what steps to take, as well it is okay to feel overwhelmed. Start small and work your way up. Feeling much more confident going back to my employers with questions and somewhat of a game plan."
    Amanda Brown, Social Media for Business Results – Fall 2015


  • Agricultural Leadership

    "I farm with my wife Tracey, market Fresh goats and some select bucks based on P/T data. There are many parts of our business such as Marketing and Communications that have been enhanced by the UOIT Ag program. This time amongst some competitive colleagues was invaluable and conducive to think about our own business."
    Jim Tindall - Winter 2016

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