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Lean Management Certification Programs at UOIT

Online and Instructor-led programs now available through MDC. Start learning today.

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The White Belt program is a 1-day, instructor-led, program that provides participants with a basic introduction to Lean Thinking.
It benefits both the individual and the organization through the adoption of a Lean mind-set and awareness of Lean principles.

For more information on LEAN White Belt:

LEAN White BELT Program Page

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The Yellow Belt program provides participants with an overview of the basic principals of LEAN thinking. It outlines the essential Lean
tools and practices that can be applied within an organization to increase service efficiency and quality, improve customer satisfaction and
reduce waste.

For more information on LEAN Yellow Belt:  

LEAN Yellow Belt Program Page

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The Green Belt program provides participants with a comprehensive insight into Lean Thinking and its effective application. It outlines and
demonstrates the essential Lean tools and practices that can be applied in a business or service environment to decrease costs, increase
efficiency and quality of service, improve customer and employee satisfaction and create an ongoing culture of continuing improvement.

For more information on LEAN Green Belt:

Lean Green Belt Program Page

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The Black Belt program aims to provide participants with a practical application of advanced Lean tools and techniques, as well as the
appropriate process improvement, leadership and project management skills to drive the changes that are necessary for a successful
Lean transformation.

For more information on LEAN Black Belt:

Lean Black Belt Program Page

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The Lean Master Black Belt program will take you through a new stage of your Lean journey the process of moving to the master level of
Lean where you are expected to take a more holistic and strategic approach to your deliberations. At the end of this stage of your journey,
you will be expected to transform your organization and to lead it on its Lean journey.

For more information on LEAN Master Black Belt:

Lean Master Black Belt Page


Contact the Management Development Centre to learn more about the Lean Management Certificate programs.

Phone: 905-721-8668 ext. 3290 or 2822

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